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About beadLOCK…
Now you can make strong,
traditional joints that give your projects
professional-looking results!

Woodworkers know that when it comes to projects that require strong joints, it's hard to beat mortise and tenon joinery.  And loose tenon joints, where a mortise is cut into both parts to be joined and a corresponding length of tenon stock is inserted into each mortise, are a quick and simple alternative to the traditional method. 

Until now, loose tenon joints required expensive machines, spiral bits, templates, or routers to cut the mortise.  Each of these has limitations which are overcome with the use of the new beadLOCK Loose Tenon Joinery System.

Now you can use your hand drill to make a joint that is stronger and more versatile than dowel, biscuit, or standard mortise and tenon joints.  Loose tenon joinery provides an excellent means of joining two members particularly for deep joints and those joints where profiled parts come together like from matched cabinet cutters.  With the beadLOCK jig, you simply drill holes and insert beadLOCK tenon stock for a strong, accurate joint that's quick and simple to make.

Woodworkers of all skill levels can effectively use the beadLOCK joint--if you can use a hand drill, you can make this joint!

“The mortise and tenon is one of the strongest joints in a woodworker's repertoire. Traditionally favored, it remains today the joint of choice for chairs, doors and most other applications where strength is essential. …A loose tenon system can save you time and effort and ensure consistent results, without sacrificing joint strength.”
"Loose-Tenon Joinery",
Fine Woodworking Jan/Feb 1993

The beadLOCK Advantage

  • Constructs extremely strong, blind joints.

  • Deep joints; limited only by your drill bit.

  • Easily join large or long part lengths— use beadLOCK in any orientation; horizontally or vertically.

  • Excellent for reinforcing cope and rail joinery.

  • Innovative shape of tenon stock provides maximum side-grain gluing surface.

  • beadLOCK is quiet, clean, safe and inexpensive.

  • Also use beadLOCK as a doweling jig!

  • Jig is made of hardened steel for quality and durability.

  • Tenon stock  is made of premium birch which is naturally stable and very strong.

  • Ideal for woodworkers of all skill levels--novice woodworkers with only a few hand tools now have a traditional, strong joint for their projects.  Advanced woodworkers will find beadLOCK's short set-up time ideal for one-off projects.

Why beadLOCK joints are stronger

  • Mortise and tenon joints are stronger than dowels, biscuits, or simple glued joints.

  • When a joint fails, it's because of the failure of the gluing surface or failure of the material itself.

  • Tenons effectively address both of these concerns since they offer both more section and more side-grain gluing surface than other joinery alternatives.

  • The sides of the mortise and the bulk of the tenon stock are side-grain material and gluing side-grain to side-grain results in the strongest possible joint.

  • Because of the innovative multi-arc shape of the beadLOCK joint, even more gluing surface is available.

  • That makes beadLOCK joints stronger than even traditional mortise and tenon joinery.
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