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Instructions for Use…
Making the beadLOCK Joint

1. Consult Safety Guidelines below before proceeding.
2. Adjust for wood thickness. Adjust the beadLOCK jig to desired tenon offset by inserting shim(s) between the block and plate. One 1/32" shim and four 1/16" shims are provided for this adjustment. beadLOCK is factory set to center tenon into 3/4" stock.
3. Dry fit parts together and draw a crisp, thin line across the center of the joint where tenon is desired. Disassemble parts.
4. Slide and snug guide block (left) to the “A” setting. Locate beadLOCK jig on part and align the jig with your center line. Clamp jig in place. (Your bench vise also works well for securing the jig to the part.)
5. Using a hand drill, drill holes in part to desired depth. (A piece of tape on your bit makes a nice drill stop gauge.) Secure work piece before drilling.
6. Loosen thumbscrews on jig and slide guide block to “B” position. Snug thumbscrews tightly. Drill holes.
7. Repeat steps 4 through 6 for second part.
8. Cut length of tenon stock 1/8" shorter than total mortise depth and glue together.
Safety Guidelines Tips for Best Results
Follow manufacturers safety instructions when
using power tools.
Slowing drill feed rate on “B” setting will yield cleaner mortises.
Keep long sleeves, jewelry, long hair, loose clothing, etc. away from rotating tools. For cleanest mortises, drill “A” setting a second time before unclamping jig. This also aids in mortise clean out.
Always wear safety goggles.
Be sure that drill bit has come to a complete stop before proceeding to drill the next hole. Coat both tenon and mortise with glue prior to assembly for maximum strength.
Keep your drill bits sharp to reduce drilling effort. Glue loose tenon into one piece of stock first on large assemblies. This will reduce the number of parts handled during glue-up.
Use sharp, conventional twist drill bits for best results. Dull or improperly sharpened bits may drill oversize.
Store tenon stock in an airtight container to prevent expansion.
For very thick parts, make your own shims out of scrap wood or plywood.
Guide Block Installation
Note: Install drill guide block with guide hole chamfers up, flush with top of plate. Use upper “B” slot with 3/8" block, lower “B” slot with 1/2” block.
Making Tenon Stock with Router Bit
1. Consult Safety Guidelines before proceeding.
2. Prepare stock blanks to appropriate thickness: 3/8" and 1/2". Adjust width so that “flats” form on tenon edges after molding.
3. For best results and safe operation, run tenon stock in 12" lengths and feed with cover block as shown.
4. Make cover block from 2"x4" with small cleat attached to engage stock. Round corners to protect hands in case of kick-back.
5. Mark top edge of stock with pencil to ensure both passes through the router are made with the same edge facing up.
6. Correct router depth of cut will just remove the flat face of the blank and allow hand assembly in beadLOCK mortise.
Safety Guidelines for Using Router Bit
Follow manufacturers safety instructions when
using power tools.
Keep long sleeves, jewelry, long hair, loose clothing, etc. away from rotating tools.
Avoid short stock lengths and material with wild grain and/or knots. Be certain your router bit is fully inside the collet and tightened securely.
Always wear safety goggles and hearing protection. Use router bit with stationary mounted router only.
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Making the beadLOCK Joint
Instructions for Use
Making Tenon Stock with Router Bit
Instructions for Use
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