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Project Applications…
The beadLOCK joint is a welcome joining solution
for hundreds of woodworking projects!
Following are just a few of the many applications for
the beadLOCK Loose Tenon Joinery System.

beadLOCK is ideal for reinforcing cope and rail joinery as for a glass panel cabinet door.
beadLOCK is versatile. Use it for curved and tapered parts--the wooden tenon stock is easily cut  to accommodate the shape you need.

Cut stock down to fewer “beads” for projects with narrow parts.

Large projects like passage doors need strong, durable joints. Here, two lengths of the large 1/2" tenon stock provide the needed section.
Offset mortises are no problem for beadLOCK! A shim set is provided for your ease in setting the appropriate offset. 

Note: The shims fit in the jig between the plate and the drilling block. For wide parts, simply make your own shims out of scrap wood and replace the thumbscrews with 1/4-20 ready rod or bolts from your hardware store.

Joining compound angles like this rail going into a chair back is made simple with beadLOCK. No need for complex fixtures to make the set-up; you only have to support a drill jig!
Here the beadLOCK joint is used on a traditional face frame. At the bottom is a 3/8" joint that has been cut down to three "beads". To do this, drill the "B" setting first, then adjust to the "A" setting and drill the center hole.
beadLOCK works great with miters too!
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